Prestashop 1.7.8 Multiwarehouse Module

Prestashop is a widely-used open-source e-commerce platform that offers a wide range of features and functionalities for small and medium-sized businesses. However, as a developer who recently completed a project involving the migration of a customer’s website from an older version of Prestashop to the latest version, I found that the engine still has some unfinished aspects that can make the development process challenging.
Is that a joke?
One of the biggest issues I encountered during the migration process was the lack of support for multiple warehouses. My customer’s business has multiple locations, and they needed the ability to manage inventory and fulfill orders from different warehouses. Unfortunately, the native functionality of Prestashop did not support this feature, and I had to explore external solutions and even override core code to make it possible.
Challenge is one thing
This was a challenging task that required a lot of research and experimentation. I had to test various plugins and extensions, and even consider custom development to achieve the desired functionality. It took me almost a month to complete the project, which was longer than I had anticipated.
Work hard, play hard
Despite these challenges, the end result was worth it. My customer’s website is now running on the latest version of Prestashop and is equipped with the functionality to manage multiple warehouses. The customer is also able to manage inventory and fulfill orders from different locations, which has resulted in an increase in customer traffic and sales. The customer is also happy with the outcome and appreciative of my efforts and engagement in the project.
"Working with Prestashop is like trying to solve a Rubik's Cube blindfolded - it's hard work, but when you finally get it right, it's a beautiful thing."
Sum up
In conclusion, while Prestashop is a powerful and widely-used e-commerce platform, it still has some unfinished aspects that can make development and migration projects more challenging. However, with patience, persistence, and good problem-solving skills, it is possible to overcome these obstacles and deliver successful projects. In my case, I had to find a way to include multiple warehouse support, which required me to use external solutions and even override core code. But the result was fantastic, my customer is getting more customers and is happy because of my effort and engagement to this project.

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